Thursday, October 20, 2011


Pampered Spoiled Brats Protesting Against – Only Some – Other Pampered Spoiled Brats and Supported by Other Pampered Spoiled Brats

I'm not going to take the time to gather the many links out there in netland that exemplify the character, motives, and goals of the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd (but I think this and this article offer a good insight that you won't see on CNN, NBC, CBS, and The New York Times It's safe to say that, in the American case, these people represent not the “99%,” but a mere sliver of our society (a few percent demographic that never changes – the disgruntled, pampered, faux radical chic crowd). The mob's significance is only occasionally swelled by organized unions, and assorted fellow travelers from America's new socialist Democratic Party.

It appears that the demands of this Jacobin rabble generally revolve around the fact that they want more free stuff and that it be paid for by the “rich” (who already carry most of the country's federal tax burden – in spite of “loop holes”). Nonsense as this is, it's fair enough to whine that you want stuff and are mad that others have obtained it – 'certainly not a new idea; “I want stuff because I don't have it” and “it's not fair that someone else is rich and I'm [a loser].” It's funny to see posters stating things to the effect that, “[We're] paying, the rich aren't” held high by people who obviously aren't “paying” for anything – or, at least are yearly getting a full refund and extended “credits.”

Those of us who have taken interest in history and particularly the “revolutionary” movements like the great one in 18th century France recognize the psychology and themes that run throughout this clown show of reckless hopes for totalitarian government (that is what they're ultimately steering for). It's the pathetic early successes of a typical left-wing mob's ability to rouse the tendency of a society to eventually eat itself.

I know these people. I worked with them in restaurants, I sometimes saw the same “type” on the streets begging for money, and, of course, I went to college with them. They tend to have the moral character, backbone, and dynamic striving of a one-celled pond germ – when a guy looks Swedish but has dreadlocks, I'm skeptical about the whole show.

The mainstream media is, as can be expected, willing facilitators to the nonsense; the same media that sought to veil the Tea Party crowds (favoring limited government) as an ominous image of danger and “fascism” (When, in fact, they looked more like big Kiwanis club meetings). OWS is no “Tea Party” they're certainly not protesting against the size and scope of state authority or the current mega-state facilitator-in-chief.

The good part of the current clown show is that our, increasingly clueless, president (he really seems to think that a class rant will sway the election) has thrown his – guarded – support in with the rabble. The longer average folks see images of these clowns, particularly on alternate media, the greater margin the Republicans will win the next election – guaranteed.

In the long scheme, this is the style of joke in history that brings down decent societies and replaces it with pathological chaos and eventual tyranny. Unfortunately, some of the posters I've seen are true, “This is only the beginning.”

Thursday, October 13, 2011


The Jacobin Anti-civilization Rabble At It Again

Something I've always's going to get ugly.

"The most ridiculous (and, if you’re sympathetic to them, tragic) thing about OWS is that they’re trying to mobilize the left against “the system” at the very moment the left is mobilizing to re-elect the guy who’s in charge of the system. In an alternate reality, state senator Obama would be giving a speech today at Occupy Chicago about how greed is the cancer of America or whatever; in this reality, President Obama needs to watch his mouth and stay on the good side of those Wall Street one-percenters who helped bankroll his campaign last time. The whole dynamic is a cosmic joke, amplified by the reality that millions of liberals have eschewed protests over the last few years out of allegiance to the current ruling Democrat and/or the perpetual fear of the imminent wingnut apocalypse that’ll surely unfold if their own party leadership is weakened. That’s why the anti-war movement has faded into nothing; that’s why there’s apprehension but no outrageously outrageous outrage over The One ignoring his own lawyers to wage war in Libya or relying on a secret national-security panel that can place Americans on a “kill list.” Those sins, committed by a Republican, would signal the end of the republic per standard left-wing blather. Committed by a Democrat, they’re merely … “troubling.” Or maybe not even that.

All of this changes, obviously, if Obama is ousted in favor of Perry or, heaven forbid, Mitt Romney, whose patrician air and banking pedigree would give the left the cartoon villain that thoughtful sophisticates like them require."

Jacobins true to form every time.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

...I know, nothing new here in awhile. It's just a low priority. There are plenty of things to appraise and enrage but it'll have to wait. I may (or may not) get something up here eventually but for now, have a nice week!

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